Y11 Spanish – Speaking Practice

11 03 2010

All speaking questions and Mp3 files for all 6 general conversation topics are now on Sharepoint, along with the Work Experience discussion questions and a Role Play practice powerpoint. 

Go to: Carmel website / Sharepoint / Curriculum / MFL / KS4 / Shared documents / GCSE Spanish / GCSE Spanish Oral

Revision Techniques

  • Download the MP3 files onto your iPod and start listening to them regularly to familiarise yourself with the questions. 
  • Practice reading aloud your answers, then as you get more familiar with them try testing how many you can answer without your notes.
  • Put the tracks on shuffle and see if you can work out the meaning of the question and answer it.
  • Record your answers and download them onto your iPod.  Listen to them regularly to help you memorise them.  Voice recorders are available to use in the MFL department.