Y11 Spanish – Reading and Listening Exam Revision Tips

25 04 2010

Read through the ‘Reading and Listening Exam Tips’ powerpoint to get some important advice on how to succeed in your exams.

Reading and Listening Exam Tips

8MEL Set 1 French (Miss O’Brien) Research Homework

25 04 2010

Apologies this post has been delayed- as a result you have an extension for this homework task and it is now due to be completed for Friday 30th April.

Task:  Research at least one of the following French TV shows and leave a detailed comment (but no more than 100 words) about your findings/ opinion.

We will read them out and discuss them in class on Friday.

You could comment on the similarities with English TV or the differences.  Or, you may have your own ideas for what to focus on.  It is your choice!  Have fun and good luck.

  • Nouvelle Star (equivalent of X Factor style shows)
  • Loft Story (Big Brother)
  • Le maillon faible (The weakest link)
  • Qui veut gagner des millions (Who wants to be a millionaire?)
  • A prendre ou a laisser  (Deal or no deal)

To enter your comments you simply click on the link below that says ‘leave a comment’.  Please begin your comment with your first name and form group- DO NOT TYPE YOUR SURNAME.   Do not be alarmed if your comment doesn’t immediately appear on the blog as they need to be approved by a teacher before they are displayed….but once they are approved they will be displayed.  Thank you.

Y11 Spanish – Speaking Exam Revision

25 04 2010

Use the attached ‘Random Question Selector’ powerpoint to test how well prepared you are for the speaking exam.

Open the attachment, click on ‘View slide show’ then press ‘S’ to start and stop the powerpoint.

  • Check whether you understand the question
  • Work out what tense is used in the question and how you will change the verb ending in your answer.
  • Give the most detailed answer you can.
  • Remember to include a variety of opinions.
  • Say your answers out loud to practise your pronunciation.
  • Make a note of any questions you don’t understand or are unable to answer so that you know which ones you need to practise more.

Random question selector

8A Spanish Miss O’Brien Homework

25 04 2010

Learn as many of the words as possible for the spelling test on Tuesday 27th April.

You must also find the English if you have lost your sheet! Good luck.

1 Una casa individual
2 Una casa adosada
3 Un piso
4 Una granja
5 Un chalé
6 Una caravana
7 Una tienda
8 Una finca
9 En el centro
10 En el campo
11 En la costa
12 En la montaña
13 En las afueras
14 En la ciudad
15 En el pueblo
16 En el barrio
17 Cerca de
18 Lejos de