8CAR French Set 3 Miss O’Brien Research Homework Due Wednesday 5th May

28 04 2010

Task: Research at least one of the following French TV shows and leave a detailed comment (but no more than 100 words) about your findings/ opinion.

We will read them out and discuss them in class on Friday.

You could comment on the similarities with English TV or the differences. Or, you may have your own ideas for what to focus on. It is your choice! Have fun and good luck.

1. Nouvelle Star (equivalent of X Factor style shows)
2. Loft Story (Big Brother)
3. Le maillon faible (The weakest link)
4. Qui veut gagner des millions (Who wants to be a millionaire?)
5. A prendre ou a laisser (Deal or no deal)

To enter your comments you simply click on the link below that says ‘leave a comment’. Please begin your comment with your first name and form group- DO NOT TYPE YOUR SURNAME.

 Do not be alarmed if your comment doesn’t immediately appear on the blog as they need to be approved by a teacher before they are displayed….but once they are approved they will be displayed.

 Thank you.



11 responses

28 04 2010

The French version of deal or deal is, called “A prendre ou a laisser” (which roughly translates to “take it or leave it”), premiered in January 2004 on TF1 and currently is shown every weeknight at 19:05.

The 22 boxes represent the 22 regions of France with each contestant coming from that region. The prizes range from €0.01 to €500,000; and include (normally) three “joke” prizes (e.g. a cup ) and a “joker”.

28 04 2010
Calum 8C

I researched loft story for my homework. It is the same format as the english verson ( Big Brother) except that the winner wins a house and some money. It has caused lots of controversy with protestors.

28 04 2010

novelle star- novelle star is a bit like pop idol exept they speak french and oviously we are going to speak english…The four members of the jury have to judge about 25,000 contestants in various towns around France and Belgium. Until the final rounds begin, the show presents both the successful auditionees and the poorest performers…this is very similar to our show xfactor.
Of the 25,000 contestants, only 150 (140 in series 6) are selected for the next round of auditions, which takes place at the Theatre Trianon in central Paris. There are two auditions over the space of three days, the highlights of which are shown over the course of two shows, our english show shows over 10 auditons every saturday.
thank-you for reading

30 04 2010
Charlotte 8R

Nouvelle Star was started in 2003 and is still going now. It was created by Simon Fuller and is on French channel M6. There are 4 judges and there are roughly 25,000 contestants to judge. It is based on a show from Britain which is called Pop Idol. It was hosted by Ben Castaldi for the first 3 series’ and he also hosted the first 13 episodes of series 4, and then a new presenter began. The auditions are held in different places for each series example: Series 1 – France, Belgium.

4 05 2010
finn 8R

loft story the equivalent of big brother it is a tv show in france and canada where contestants do the same as the english show big brother but the win a house and a cash it was critisized because they said all they saw happen was some teens be filmed in a nice cozy loft and walk in and out whenever they liked.

4 05 2010
Lewis 8c

I reaserched “A prendre ou a laisser” which is the equivalent of deal or no deal. It started showing mid january 04, showing every weeknight from 7:05 pm.
Apparently 22 boxes represent the 22 regions of France with each contestant coming from that region. The prizes range from €0.01 to €500,000, there will also be three joke prizes such as a pen, notebook and a mug.

5 05 2010
ryan lee kavanagh

i researched a prendre ou a laisser wich in translation is deal or no deal they first strated show this show was 2004 they will show it on a week .its has 22 boxes the prizes from €0.01to €500,000, and also joke prizes

6 05 2010
Joe 8C

In the French version of Deal or No Deal there are 22 boxes for each of the regions of France and a contestant for each region. The prizes range from 500,00 euros to joke prizes like egg sups or pens.

6 05 2010
Karisha 8c

Nouvelle Star is a French television series based on the popular Pop Idol program produced by Fremantle Media and broadcast by M6 in France.
There are 4 judges and there are roughly 25,000 contestants to judge.
It was hosted by Benjamin Castaldi for the first three series (2003-2005). He also hosted 13 episodes of Series 4 (2006). Virginie Efira presented the remainder of Series 4, as well as presenting Series 5 and 6 (2007 and 2008). Season 7 (2009) is presented by Virginie Guilhaume.

8 05 2010
Josh 8A

I researched loft story for my homework. Loft story is the same as big brother but they win a house and some money. The program is also shown in Canada. The eye logo is shown in both shows. The contestants get voted off by viewers and the last couple win the money and the house. The program has caused great controversy by protesters in France.

9 05 2010
michael 8r

Qui veut gagner des millions: i researched this and found that it is the same as english who wants to be a milllionaire they answer question and try to get one million euros there are between 12-15 questions in the game.

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