11DSp1 – Miss Andrew’s class Wednesday 21st April Homework

21 04 2010

11DSp1 – Miss Andrew’s class
Homework due Wednesday 28th April
• Learn Vocabulary Test 18
• Learn 6 questions and answers from Speaking Topic 6 ‘Leisure’
1. ¿Eres deportista?
2. ¿Eres miembro de algún equipo?
3. ¿Te gusta ir al cine?
4. ¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana pasado?
5. ¿Qué vas a hacer el fin de semana que viene?
6. ¿Es importante mantenerse en forma?
• Authentik Listening Tests 7 & 8
• Authentik ReadingTests 8 & 9

Year 12 French (Miss O’Brien) Easter Work

5 04 2010

Plese find attached documents which you should aim to complete and hand in on Tuesday 20th April. Should the grammar sheets not give you adequate explanations then you can research the grammar points yourself on the Internet or by using your textbook/ grammar book. If you encounter major difficulties however, please do not spend your holidays getting stressed about it. Instead come and see me with the sheet on Monday 19th April and we can talk about the grammar point you are unsure of.

Click on the hypertext below:

Activit_s_de_vacances_Comp_tences[1] Adapting to 3rd person

Activit_s_de_vacances_Grammaire_[1] Agreement of past participle

Destinations_de_vacances_et_le_tourisme_Grammaire[1] Prepositions

L__quilibre_travail_vie_personnelle_Comp_tences[1]Widening vocabulary

L__quilibre_travail_vie_personnelle_Grammaire[1] Faire + infinitive

Les_attitudes_envers_les_vacances_Comp_tences[1] Forming questions

Les_attitudes_envers_les_vacances_Grammaire[1] THE PERFECT INFINITIVE

Se busca – 8c Spanish

1 04 2010

Echa un vistazo a todos los carteles ‘Se Busca’ de 8c.

¿Cuál es tu favorito y por qué?

Amelia H 8c

Calum S 8c

Cameron H 8c

Chandler W 8c

Charlotte H 8c

Charlotte K 8c

Claire H 8c

Conor D 8c

Daire A 8c

Dale M 8c

Emelia W 8c

Emily R 8c

Erin R 8c

Joe Tu 8c

Joe.L 8C

Lewis C 8c

Lucy P 8c

Molly C 8C

Ryan K 8c

Sarah W 8c

Sascha P 8c

Shannon M 8c

Se busca – 8e Spanish

1 04 2010

Echa un vistazo a todos los carteles ‘Se Busca’ de 8e.

¿Cuál es tu favorito y por qué?

Alannah N wanted POSTER


Amarachi D 8e

ben j spanish

Charlie M

Charlotte C 8E

cheyenne h 8e

chloe o 8e


Dominic G

eleanor m 8e

Emily H

Jessica B wanted

Joshua L 8e

Kelsey G 8e

Lewis M

Megan S 8e.

Niamh B 8e

Niamh C 8E

Rebecca b 8e

Rachel M 8e

Rebecca B Wanted poster

Rebecca L 8e

Ryan H

tasha t 8E