Year 10 French Miss O’Brien: Homework (Due Friday 17th September)

15 09 2010

In your exercise book, complete the following translations (write both the French and the English for each):
1.  Today I am going to read Harry Potter because I love JK Rowling.
2.  My parents have a small house in France so I am going to France in August.
3. Yesterday I watched the news but tonite I will watch a film.
4. Normally I go to the swimming pool with my friends but today I went with my family.
5. Sometimes I am happy and calm but yesterday I cried because I have lots of exams.
6. She arrived at 8 o’clock and she left at 10 o’clock.
7.  He went to Spain with Sam and they travelled by plane.
8.  She is going to speak Italian, French and Spanish because she is very intelligent.
9.  I have 3 brothers and I am going to have a sister in November.
10.  I will eat 10 hamburgers and my friend will eat 3 cakes.
11. I climbed the mountain but I fell.
12.  She returned with Jack.
13.  They (boys) will go to Italy next year.
14.  We are going to sell the car because my dad has a new job.
15.  I went to town with my mam and we bought lots of clothes.

You must refer to your grammar notes on tenses and you may need to use the online dictionary (



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