7M/ 7C French Homework (Miss O’Brien)

24 09 2010

Using the classroom commands vocabulary below, produce an ICT poster which includes the correct spelling of each classroom command and then a picture to represent it (e.g. a picture of a pen for ‘ecrivez’). You must bring the poster printed to your next lesson (7C= Thursday 30th September/ 7M= Wednesday 29th September).

BONUS POINTS AND MERITS AVAILABLE: Also bring an electronic copy of your poster saved onto USB and I will upload your work onto this website for everyone to admire!

Good luck (see me if you have any problems).


Levez- vous  = Stand up

Asseyez- vous = Sit down

Prenez= Take/ pick up

Regardez= Look

Écoutez = Listen

Lisez= Read

Écrivez= Write

Dessinez= Draw

Parlez= Speak

Copiez= Copy

Coloriez= Colour

Répétez= Repeat

Montrez-moi= Show me

Taisez-vous= Be quiet