Year 10 French (Miss O’Brien) Christmas Holiday Homework

17 12 2010

In order to better prepare for your new topics, you must locate the vocabulary section on page 72 and page 73 of the textbook. You must learn all of this vocabulary (i.e. be able to recognise it in French and also spell it correctly in French). On Wednesday 5th January, you will have a test on 50 of the words from this double page (you will either have to translate the word from French into English, or from English into French). As we have discussed, it is hugely important for you to extend your vocabulary range and preparing vocabulary in adavnce of the new topics will make the reading and listening exercises much easier.

Good luck.

If you have any worries or problems, leave a comment.

Y9 French Citizenship Task

15 12 2010

Why is it important to learn to speak another language?

The task:  You have been learning about the importance and benefits of language learning.  You must refer to the work you have done in class and carry out your own independent research about why it is important to speak another language.  You must produce a detailed essay in English (the more detail you give, the higher the citizenship level is likely to be) which answers the question.  You may include other resources such as graphs, statistics, newspaper headlines and images if they are relevant to your essay.

Check the attached Citizenship Level Descriptors to see what you must include to achieve each level.

Y9 French Citizenship in MFL level descriptors

9car Miss Andrew’s class – your work is due Thursday 6th January

Y9 Spanish Citizenship Task – due last lesson this term

7 12 2010

This Citizenship task is a chance for you to improve your knowledge of Spain, develop your research skills and demonstrate how you can explore and use different sources of information.

You must download the attached document and complete each section in as much detail as possible in English.  You should also add images.  The task must be completed in your own words, therefore you are not allowed to copy and paste information from websites you use for research.

Y9 Spanish Citizenship task

Also remember to check the Citizenship Level Descriptors to see what citizenship level you are working at (see attached document).  To achieve a Level 5 you must include lots of personal opinions and detailed comparisons of Spain and the UK.

Y9 Spanish Citizenship in MFL level descriptors

9mel Spanish – Miss Andrew’s class – your assignments are due Thursday 16th December

9car Spanish – Miss Andrew’s class – your assignments are due Friday 17th December

Y12 Spanish – La moda

7 12 2010

La moda, ¿individualidad o conformismo?

Escribe un comentario de 100-150 palabras para viernes el 10 de diciembre.