9CAR1 Spanish Debate

24 06 2011

Leave a comment which outlines your opinion about drugs/ alcohol….

Year 7 using Autodesk Homestyler for the Loft Story project…..BRAVO!

15 06 2011

9CAR1 Reading Homework Due Tuesday 14th June

10 06 2011

Spanish Reading Homework

Miam Miam! Recipe club off to a great start….

5 06 2011

Since the first recipe was sent out two weeks ago, many Carmel pupils have been busy baking delicious cookies.  Pupils have really enjoyed the challenge of working out the recipe and of course eating the yummy cookies.  Here are some of the comments and photos from the Recipe Club bloggers:

Lucy, Year 8:   i made the cookies they where LUSH

Kate, Year 7:   I enjoyed making my cookies because my family helped me. Also because I could translate it as well so I can learn more french.

Kathryn, Year 7:   To help translate the recipe i used google translate, i knew what some words were for example 75g de chocolat, i knew this meant 75g of chocolate. If i made these again i would pay more attention to the size i put them because i didn’t put them all the same size and some of them were masssive and stuck together.

Eve, Year 7:   The cookies were really fun and easy to bake.
Although they seemed rather buttery but this wasn’t a  problem as they didn’t last very long as my dad thought they tasted delicious!

Ella, Year 7:  I really liked the recipe of the cookies. They were successful and tasted delicious. They were very easy and enjoyable to make and can’t wait for our next recipe.

 Claudia, Year 7:   

These are my cookies that I baked on Saturday! They were simple and easy to make and I had great fun. I would love to bake another recipe, as I really enjoyed it.

Joseph, Year 7: 

I enjoyed making these biscuits and can’t wait to eat them ….they taste really buttery and chocolatey…yummy…
My brother Archie thinks these biscuits are great.

 Daniel, Year 7


Joseph Passman, Year 8:

 Joe_Passman_cookies     Check out his amazing powerpoint by clicking the link!


The next recipe is on it’s way very soon!