Creative Writing Competition winners announced

20 07 2011

After hours of dedication, lots of creativity and a huge amount of enthusiasm, Chloe, Amy and Hannah (Year 8 ) were awarded first prize for their creative writing competition story.  The story will be uploaded soon for all to see…..

Recipe club winners announced

20 07 2011

After all of their dedication and commitment, the following pupils were awarded prizes for their participation in Recipe Club:

1st   Claudia, Year 7

2nd   Eve, Year 7

3rd  Daniel, Year 8

Recipe Club will hopefully continue next year as it has proven so popular.  Well done to all of those involved!

Recipe club: the latest creations…

12 07 2011

Pupils are continuing to experiemnt with forign recipes and their latest recipe was for crepes.

Here are the photos and comments:

These are my crepes that I made on Saturday. They were really tasty to eat and really simple to make. They taste great when you eat them warm as the crepes/pancakes are soft and sweet. I would definitely make them again. (Claudia, Year 7)

This has been my favourite recipe to cook and eat my Dad also showed me how to make an Orange sauce from Orange Juice, Sugar and BRANDY and then i picked some fresh Red Currents and Blueberry’s from my garden to eat with the Crepes. (Daniel, Year 8 )

I found this recipe really fun to make.We did not make 15 instead we halved all of the ingredients and it made 8.

I made them for our Sunday breakfast. They were so delicious we ate them hot from the pan, my sister India put orange honey on hers.

I would definitely make these again. (Eve, Year 7)

Recipe club is still a winner!

2 07 2011

Take a look at what has been cooking this time….