GCSE MFL exam revision and preparation advice

8 03 2012

Read the attached document for advice on how to revise and prepare for your controlled assessments and the reading and listening exams.

Your main revision tool is Kerboodle.


Visit the MFL websites pages on the blog for links to useful revision websites.

Also access Sharepoint through the college website to find useful revision documents that your teachers have uploaded.


Y11 – Listening exam revision and preparation sessions have now begun.  Dates and time as follows:

Y11 French – Foundation              Tuesday 13:00                   ML2

Y11 French – Higher                        Thursday 13:00                  ML2


Y11 Spanish – Foundation            Monday 12:30                   ML4

Y11 Spanish – Higher                      Monday 12:30                   ML1

Y9 French Translation Homework

8 03 2012

Translate the last 3 paragaphs of this text into English.  Remember to use your classnotes to help you translate accurately.  DO NOT USE AN INTERNET TRANSLATOR, THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE!

Homework is due Wednesday 14th March 2012.

Y9 French town translation homework