Y10 Spanish Citizenship Task

2 05 2012

You must research the phenomenon of the ‘botellón’ in Spain and write an essay in English, giving as much detail and as many statistics as you can.  In your assignment you should aim to answer the following questions:

  • What is a ‘botellón’?
  • Why is it such a problem in Spain?
  • Are the people involved in this activity fulfilling their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a society?
  • What would the young people say to defend what they are doing?  Would the local people agree?  Who would be in the right?
  • What could be done to solve the problem?
  • In your opinion, how does it compare with binge drinking in England?


You can produce your essay using word or powerpoint.  Remember to include pictures, facts and figures and lots of information.

Also remember to check the Citizenship Level Descriptors to see what citizenship level you are working at (see attached document below).

Y10 Spanish Citizenship in MFL level descriptors

Miss Andrew’s classes – your assignments are due Monday 14th May



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