Year 10 French Miss O’Brien/ Miss Cutts

29 04 2010

Write a brief postcard message to the rest of your class about where you have been/ what you have done over the bank holiday weekend. (100 words minimum).

Use as many past tense phrases and opinions as possible BUT do it without access to your book to test yourself on what you can do/ say from memory.

Leave your message by clicking on the link below “Leave a comment/ 1,2,3, comment(s)”. You must write your first name and either O’BR or CUT to say which class you are in. Do not write your surname!!!

Bonne chance

PS   If you can, you coudl do it in Microsoft Word and insert the accents and then paste it onto the blog (that would make your writing more accurate).  Just a thought.

Y9 Spanish – La comida española

21 03 2010

Y9 Spanish Homework – March 2010

¿Qué sabes de la comida española?

Post your 5 interesting facts about Spanish food here.

Remember to just put your first name and form with your blog comment.

Year 9 French Help sheet for exam work

9 05 2009

You may want to print this to help you write your answers to the speaking questions.

Language structures for exam work

Year 8 French Learning Mat Summer Half Term 2

9 05 2009

You may find it helpful to print this and use it in class during summer half term 2 (the last half term of the year).

Year 8 French Learning Mat Summer 2

Year 8 French Learning Mat Summer 2 Side 2

Year 8 French Learning Mat: Les medias

19 04 2009

Download an electronic copy of the laminated mats you have been using in class.



Carmel MFL Staff

3 04 2009

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