Y9 French Translation Homework

8 03 2012

Translate the last 3 paragaphs of this text into English.  Remember to use your classnotes to help you translate accurately.  DO NOT USE AN INTERNET TRANSLATOR, THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE!

Homework is due Wednesday 14th March 2012.

Y9 French town translation homework

Y9 – Routes into Languages event 23/11/11

23 11 2011

Following the Routes into Languages event today, remember to have a look at the organisation’s website for more information:


Also try the MYLO website for a fun way to improve your language skills:

Y9 French Citizenship Task

15 12 2010

Why is it important to learn to speak another language?

The task:  You have been learning about the importance and benefits of language learning.  You must refer to the work you have done in class and carry out your own independent research about why it is important to speak another language.  You must produce a detailed essay in English (the more detail you give, the higher the citizenship level is likely to be) which answers the question.  You may include other resources such as graphs, statistics, newspaper headlines and images if they are relevant to your essay.

Check the attached Citizenship Level Descriptors to see what you must include to achieve each level.

Y9 French Citizenship in MFL level descriptors

9car Miss Andrew’s class – your work is due Thursday 6th January

Year 9 French Help sheet for exam work

9 05 2009

You may want to print this to help you write your answers to the speaking questions.

Language structures for exam work

Year 9 French: Key words/ phrases for describing people

26 04 2009


Year 9 French pupils may find this document useful for the task of giving descriptions of people.



The Imperfect Tense

17 04 2009

Instruction sheet and practice on the imperfect tense.  (10D/ Miss O’Brien)



Fling the teacher – French past tense practice

4 04 2009

Practise the past tense using this interactive game.fling-the-teacher

Fling the teacher – Past tense practice

How far did you fling the teacher?

Post your scores on the blog.

Welcome to the French section of the Carmel MFL Blog.

3 04 2009