French Study Club

12 10 2015

French Study Club

Extra language help for year 11!

Miss. Spencley’s French Study Club is up and running for any Year 11 French students who feel they may need a little bit of extra help or practice prior to the GCSE exams and the end of the year. 

The club takes place in ML3 every Tuesday lunch time and all Year 11 students are welcome. It’s a great place to practice key exam skills such as writing, vocabulary and grammar.

A bientôt.


GCSE MFL exam revision and preparation advice

8 03 2012

Read the attached document for advice on how to revise and prepare for your controlled assessments and the reading and listening exams.

Your main revision tool is Kerboodle.

Visit the MFL websites pages on the blog for links to useful revision websites.

Also access Sharepoint through the college website to find useful revision documents that your teachers have uploaded.


Y11 – Listening exam revision and preparation sessions have now begun.  Dates and time as follows:

Y11 French – Foundation              Tuesday 13:00                   ML2

Y11 French – Higher                        Thursday 13:00                  ML2


Y11 Spanish – Foundation            Monday 12:30                   ML4

Y11 Spanish – Higher                      Monday 12:30                   ML1

Year 10 French Miss O’Brien/ Miss Cutts

29 04 2010

Write a brief postcard message to the rest of your class about where you have been/ what you have done over the bank holiday weekend. (100 words minimum).

Use as many past tense phrases and opinions as possible BUT do it without access to your book to test yourself on what you can do/ say from memory.

Leave your message by clicking on the link below “Leave a comment/ 1,2,3, comment(s)”. You must write your first name and either O’BR or CUT to say which class you are in. Do not write your surname!!!

Bonne chance

PS   If you can, you coudl do it in Microsoft Word and insert the accents and then paste it onto the blog (that would make your writing more accurate).  Just a thought.

Year 10 French Homework Due Monday 26th April

22 04 2010

1. Complete translations into English of the ‘useful phrases with Y’.

2. Vocuabulary test. Page 86, Section ‘Des projets de vacances’.

1st word/ phrase= aller a la peche (to go fishing) Final word/ phrase= louer (to rent).


Year 11 French Miss O’Brien: Oral Exam Revision Materials

29 03 2010

Please find attached some useful resources to help you prepare for your oral exam which will take place on May 5th/ 6th.

These include:

  •  Foundation Questions as a word document
  • Foundation Questions as a powerpoint shuffle for revision
  •  Higher Speaking questions as a word document
  • Higher Speaking questions as a powerpoint shuffle for revision

More resources are available on Sharepoint, in particular the MP3 SOUND FILES for you to revise with.

Please make sure that you make full use of these materials and continue to learn at least oen questions per day.

Bonne chance


Foundation Oral Questions Powerpoint Revision Tool

Foundation Speaking Questions

Higher Oral Questions Powerpoint revision tool

Higher Speaking Questions

Foundation Speaking Exam Guidelines

Higher Speaking Exam Guidelines

Oral Exam Revision Record

Possible oral exam revision tips

Year 10 French Work Experience/ Easter Homework

27 03 2010




As committed students I trust that you will all complete the tasks attached. You must bring all of the work to our first lesson together after the Easter Holidays.

1. Read the text ‘Qu’est-ce que vous voudriez faire en vacances?’ from page 78. Make a list of 15 words you had to look up in the dictionary.

2. Complete exercises 1a/ 1b on page 78.

3. Download the attached document ‘Extension Reading 27 Des projets de vacances ‘ and complete the exercises.

4.  Download the attached document ”Transcript for Listening Activity page 79’.  Read and annotate it with any words you had to look up.  Using the transcript you must complete exercises 2a/ 2b on page 79.

5.  Read the test on page 80 ‘On vous propose….’.  Make a list of 10 words you had to look up in the dictionary (write the French and English in your  Complete ex. 1a/ 1b in your exercise book.

6.  Download the attached document ‘Transcript for Listening Activity 2 Page 81’.  Read and annotate any unfamiliar vocabulary.  Use the transcript to complete ex. 2a/ 2b from page 81.


GCSE French Speaking Exam Dates – Summer 2010

3 03 2010

Mrs Frank – GCSE French

Friday 30 April – morning

Tuesday 4 May – morning

Miss O’Brien – GCSE French

Wednesday 5 May – morning

Thursday 6 May – morning

Year 11 French vocab tests (1-9)

7 09 2009

You can download another copy of the vocab tests 1-9 here or you can access them on Sharepoint in Miss O’Brien’s Year 11 folder. The next tests will be added soon.Vocab_Tests 1-9

GCSE French Learning Mat: Environment

19 04 2009



The Imperfect Tense

17 04 2009

Instruction sheet and practice on the imperfect tense.  (10D/ Miss O’Brien)