Se busca – 8e Spanish

1 04 2010

Echa un vistazo a todos los carteles ‘Se Busca’ de 8e.

¿Cuál es tu favorito y por qué?

Alannah N wanted POSTER


Amarachi D 8e

ben j spanish

Charlie M

Charlotte C 8E

cheyenne h 8e

chloe o 8e


Dominic G

eleanor m 8e

Emily H

Jessica B wanted

Joshua L 8e

Kelsey G 8e

Lewis M

Megan S 8e.

Niamh B 8e

Niamh C 8E

Rebecca b 8e

Rachel M 8e

Rebecca B Wanted poster

Rebecca L 8e

Ryan H

tasha t 8E

Y8 Spanish – work for AMD 23/3/2010

17 03 2010

Below is a link to the worksheet for AMD 23/3/2010 for 8e and 8c.  All instructions are on the sheet.  Make sure you use your class notes and vocabulary sheets to help you answer the questions and to write a detailed paragraph.  If you need to look up new vocabulary use the online dictionary website

Your work is due in Thursday 25/3/2010.

Why not also visit some of the Spanish websites listed on the blog to practise pets and colours vocabulary?  Click on the ‘Spanish websites’ tab and try out some of the interactive games.

Y8 Spanish AMD work 23March2010