Y8 French Citizenship Task – Due Thursday 11th November

21 10 2010

You have been studying the topic of food and drink this half term.  You must now think beyond the basics and ask yourself the questions, is our attitude to food different to the attitude of French people?  Do they have a more healthy relationship with food?  Do they have more or less obesity problems than us?  Do they eat fast food as much as we do?

The task: 

You must research the answers to the above questions and produce a detailed essay in English (the more detail you give, the better the level will be) which illustrates your findings.  You may include any other resources such as graphs, images and statistics if they are relevant to your essay.


You must refer to the Citizenship level descriptors so you know what you must do and include in order to access the highest level.

Miss Andrew’s classes – your assignments are due Thursday 11th November

You can produce your essay using word or powerpoint.  Remember to include pictures, facts and figures and lots of information.

Also remember to check the Citizenship Level Descriptors to see what citizenship level you are working at (see attached document).

Y8 French Citizenship in MFL level descriptors

Y9 Spanish – La comida española

21 03 2010

Y9 Spanish Homework – March 2010

¿Qué sabes de la comida española?

Post your 5 interesting facts about Spanish food here.

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