Y11 Spanish – Speaking Exam Revision

25 04 2010

Use the attached ‘Random Question Selector’ powerpoint to test how well prepared you are for the speaking exam.

Open the attachment, click on ‘View slide show’ then press ‘S’ to start and stop the powerpoint.

  • Check whether you understand the question
  • Work out what tense is used in the question and how you will change the verb ending in your answer.
  • Give the most detailed answer you can.
  • Remember to include a variety of opinions.
  • Say your answers out loud to practise your pronunciation.
  • Make a note of any questions you don’t understand or are unable to answer so that you know which ones you need to practise more.

Random question selector

GCSE French Speaking Exam Dates – Summer 2010

3 03 2010

Mrs Frank – GCSE French

Friday 30 April – morning

Tuesday 4 May – morning

Miss O’Brien – GCSE French

Wednesday 5 May – morning

Thursday 6 May – morning

GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam Dates – Summer 2010

3 03 2010

Mrs Hickman – GCSE Spanish

Monday 10 May – all day

Tuesday 11 May – all day

Wednesday 12 May – all day

Miss Andrew – GCSE Spanish

Thursday 13 May – all day

Friday 14 May – all day

GCSE Spanish Role Play Practice

26 11 2009

Use the attached powerpoint to help you prepare for the role play element of the GCSE speaking exam.

Read the role play card on the powerpoint, prepare your responses, then use the following slide on the powerpoint to check your answers.

Top tip: Keep your responses simple and accurate.

Role Play Practice (June 2007 Exam)