Y11 Spanish – Speaking Exam Revision

25 04 2010

Use the attached ‘Random Question Selector’ powerpoint to test how well prepared you are for the speaking exam.

Open the attachment, click on ‘View slide show’ then press ‘S’ to start and stop the powerpoint.

  • Check whether you understand the question
  • Work out what tense is used in the question and how you will change the verb ending in your answer.
  • Give the most detailed answer you can.
  • Remember to include a variety of opinions.
  • Say your answers out loud to practise your pronunciation.
  • Make a note of any questions you don’t understand or are unable to answer so that you know which ones you need to practise more.

Random question selector

11DSp1 – Miss Andrew’s class Wednesday 31st March Homework

31 03 2010

Y11 Easter Holidays Homework – due Wednesday 21st April

  • Authentik Reading Test 5
  • Authentik Reading Tests 6 & 7 (on same sheet)
  • Authentik Listening Test 5
  • Authentik Listening Test 6


  • Learn Vocabulary Test 17


  • Learn 6 questions and answers from Speaking Topic 5 ‘Region and Environment’ 
  1. ¿Dónde vives?
  2. ¿Dónde vivías cuando tenías cinco años?
  3. ¿Qué es lo bueno y lo malo de tu región?
  4. ¿Cómo era tu región hace diez años?
  5. ¿Cómo se puede mejorar tu región?
  6. ¿Cómo se puede ayudar el medio ambiente? 


  • Learn Work Experience presentation and discussion questions


  • Make sure all speaking questions, presentation and discussion questions are fully prepared and all written in one speaking booklet.

Y11 Spanish – Speaking Practice

11 03 2010

All speaking questions and Mp3 files for all 6 general conversation topics are now on Sharepoint, along with the Work Experience discussion questions and a Role Play practice powerpoint. 

Go to: Carmel website / Sharepoint / Curriculum / MFL / KS4 / Shared documents / GCSE Spanish / GCSE Spanish Oral

Revision Techniques

  • Download the MP3 files onto your iPod and start listening to them regularly to familiarise yourself with the questions. 
  • Practice reading aloud your answers, then as you get more familiar with them try testing how many you can answer without your notes.
  • Put the tracks on shuffle and see if you can work out the meaning of the question and answer it.
  • Record your answers and download them onto your iPod.  Listen to them regularly to help you memorise them.  Voice recorders are available to use in the MFL department.

GCSE Spanish – Weekly speaking revision schedule

3 03 2010

Weekly Speaking Practice

Remember, your speaking exam is worth 25% of your final grade.

Learn answers to 6 conversation questions each week – test each Wednesday

   Topic 1 – Self and family  Weds 10 March

  Topic 2 – Holidays  Weds 17 March

  Topic 3 – Home life  Weds 24 March

  Topic 4 – Education & work  Weds 31 March

  Topic 5 – Region & environment  Weds 21 April

  Topic 6 – Leisure  Weds 28 April

  Work Experience Presentation & discussion  Weds 5 May

If you learn one answer a day you will have learnt all your answers by the week before the speaking exam.

It is impossible to learn all the answers, plus your presentation and discussion questions, in one go.  Little and often is the key to success!!

GCSE French Speaking Exam Dates – Summer 2010

3 03 2010

Mrs Frank – GCSE French

Friday 30 April – morning

Tuesday 4 May – morning

Miss O’Brien – GCSE French

Wednesday 5 May – morning

Thursday 6 May – morning

GCSE Spanish Speaking Exam Dates – Summer 2010

3 03 2010

Mrs Hickman – GCSE Spanish

Monday 10 May – all day

Tuesday 11 May – all day

Wednesday 12 May – all day

Miss Andrew – GCSE Spanish

Thursday 13 May – all day

Friday 14 May – all day

GCSE Spanish Role Play Practice

26 11 2009

Use the attached powerpoint to help you prepare for the role play element of the GCSE speaking exam.

Read the role play card on the powerpoint, prepare your responses, then use the following slide on the powerpoint to check your answers.

Top tip: Keep your responses simple and accurate.

Role Play Practice (June 2007 Exam)

GCSE Spanish Speaking Questions

14 07 2009

ConversationYou can now access audio files of the Spanish speaking exam conversation questions on Sharepoint.

Go to Sharepoint then: Curriculum / MFL / KS4 / Shared Documents / GCSE Spanish / GCSE Spanish Oral / GCSE Spanish Conversation Questions /

Download the files to your mp3 player and listen to them to familiarise yourself with the questions.  Test yourself to see if you know what the questions mean and practise answering them in Spanish.

The conversation questions and sample answers are also on Sharepoint.

GCSE Spanish Speaking Questions

3 04 2009

GCSE Speaking Questions – Self and family (Higher)

GCSE Speaking Questions – Holidays (Foundation)

GCSE Speaking Questions – Holidays (Higher)

AS Spanish Speaking Questions

3 04 2009

AS Speaking Questions – Cultura Popular

AS Speaking Questions – La familia y las relaciones

AS Speaking Questions – Los medios

AS Speaking Questions – La vida sana